Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walk When You Want

Just today, I went for a walk to our local garden. I went a bit late, around 8.45 in the morning! It was very pleasant in the garden. It is a small one with a jogging track, some play area for kids, benches for people to sit, some steps and lawns, and an area where you can exercise.

As I took rounds in the park, I saw some kids playing on the swings. They were happily enjoying themselves without a thought to the world. And their grandparents were sitting close-by chatting with their friends but with an eye on their wards. Suddenly all grandparents started a chant of "Hari Om" loudly. It was very surprising and funny too. I mean, how and when must they have come up with such an idea of chanting "Hari Om" loudly? Didn't they realise that it might sound funny? And what's the use of chanting it out aloud? I mean, how does it help them except gaining attention from the walkers?

There were some Ajjis and Ajobas walking and exercising. One Ajoba was exercising so hard, he was giving all youngsters a run for their money. While I took rounds walking, he was fast-walking with these huge steps and huffing and puffing. He glared at me every time I crossed him while walking. When I finally stopped, he started again with his second round of walking. I was quite frightened for his health. I mean, he really seemed in excellent health. But c'mon, he looked as if he had already crossed 70. Why do you want to over-exert yourself? But of course, he would know better.

This garden has two parts, kind of. One is completely obscured by buildings on one side and a road on the other side. You can get to this part of the garden only after you have crossed the first part. The first part too has the road on one side. But the other side is not completely obscured by buildings and so the sun streams in from the east in the mornings. It is at one particular point where there are two benches to sit, which unfortunately are most of the times in the sun. As I walked, I could see those two benches empty almost all the times, unless someone wanted to get some Vitamin D. The lonely benches sat opposite each other always expectant of visitors and always forlorn.

I completed my rounds and sat in the shade feeling extremely pleased with myself for having actually exercised (though very little) after a long time. The birds were singing, butterflies fluttering around, squirrels scampering around in search of food. I picked up a peepal leaf to remind me of this day. I intend to keep that leaf safe in a nice book.

With a sunny face and happy thoughts, I walked out of the garden. All's well with the world! Life's good!

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  1. Girl, you would love Bangalore for the parks. When you can, make it a point to stay there for a week or so, without rhyme and reason. Just go to those parks and be. It's amazingly soothing!
    I can recommend a couple of them if you ever decide to follow the whim :)