These are going to by my achievements in all walks of my life: my career, personal life, life's minor and major triumphs, right from losing a pound to getting a promotion.

  • I got another award in office: Performer of the Month for March 2013. The reason was multi-tasking, writing a guide from scratch in a month, mentoring peers, and leadership skills. Quite a bit, I suppose.
  • For 2012, I got the highest ranking for performance in the yearly appraisal.
  • I think it is a big achievement on Saturday (Oct 27, 2012): I went to the Phoenix Mall and did not buy anything for my own self. It's certainly laudable. :)
  • Got another award today at office, an award as a recognition and appreciation for the work I did in the recent release. Quite a surprise, definitely a pleasant one. I like it. :) (August 2012)
  • I know this is a really small achievement, but definitely noteworthy. For one whole month of May 2012, I refrained from doing any kind of shopping for myself. Yay! :)
  • Recently got promoted at work to Associate Lead - Technical Communications. An update on this is that now the title is Principal Information Developer.