Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The other day in office, a couple of my friends came over to my desk and the inevitable happened. Being girls, we couldn't resist gossiping. And what were the subjects. For a change, it was not mas-in-law. It was sisters.

It was nice to hear the gals talk about their sisters: their whims and fancies, their nakhras, their attitude towards life, how different they were from their sisters, what all they did or still do for their sisters. It was really touching to hear all that.

And yet, I did not talk about my sister. I don't know why. I preferred listening to them. And I preferred keeping everything about my sister to myself...she is just my sister. I did not want to share her with anyone else. Or perhaps I was just not in the mood to gossip.

I could not match their enthusiasm to talk about my sister. Nor could I enjoy their talks. Somehow I was looking at the watch every two minutes and wondering when I would be able to break free.

Is it weird that I did not enjoy gossiping?

Monday, January 10, 2011

> 20

How does Time manage to flee so soon? So many days have already gone past the D-Day.

Now routine starts. But there's still the anticipation of new happenings, looking forward to beautiful days, getting used to a different life, adjusting to a new environment, new people, new lifestyle. I still think of the past still-cherished lifestyle, of the people left behind, of the times wrapped up in a small, faintly-scented muslin cloth. The memories come back suddenly when least expected and you are lost in the thoughts of those bygone days.

Life is strange. It always moves on!