Thursday, January 28, 2010


People are hypocrites. Seriously! What all they will do to maintain their (pretentious) standards. They feel that what they behave, do, or say is the best. What others behave is wrong. Their ego is, as I have said before, bigger than Canis Majoris. When they react to people's behaviour towards them, do they ever consider the other person's point of view? Will they ever think that may be, may be they could be wrong? Will they ever think that perhaps someone other than them may be correct and that what they did was wrong?? No, indeed! Worthless people!

I wish they get a bigger dose of their own medicines and then their big, fat, inflated heads deflate faster than balloons.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Balancing Acts

When you are good with everyone, you are always in a problem. It's always like being between the devil and the deep sea. The issue is, each person, especially those that are always on the opposite side of each other try to pull you to their side.

It is especially irritating to find yourself in such a situation and try hard to not take sides. I always find myself in such a spot. Of course, if I am in trouble, I stand up for myself. I mean, if any of the two parties tries to use me against the other, I won't tolerate it.

I just hope that I am able to stay neutral.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrating "Chaitanya"

Here's a beautiful song that celebrates चैतन्य in nature:

Life is good!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dosa And Civic Sense

"Dosa!" Those were the only words Anay (Nanu) said to me today on phone. My sister called up to say that my nephew wanted to talk to me. And when he came on the line, he just said that one word and hung up. So cute of him. I think he just wanted to tell that he had dosa that day. He is such a cherubic boy. Full of life, full of masti.

On Saturday, Aai, Baba, and I visited Nanu at home. He was overjoyed to see us all together. For the entire time that we were there, he kept on repeating and dancing on "Sagle aale, sagle aale!" Usually, I go alone to my sister's place. So, he was over-excited to see us all together. He kept playing with his gadi. He zoomed in and out and used to stop abruptly saying "Red signal lagla, ata thambaycha." Then in a few seconds he would start again saying, "Ata green signal. Ata jaycha."

I just hope he maintains this civic sense when he grows up and starts driving a vehicle on the roads.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can We Get Smaller Than This?

Where do we figure in this?

If you want to know more about this picture, see

Seriously, we're just teeny-weeny, tiny-miny, itsy-bitsy midgets in this universe. But we consider ourselves, our wants and wishes, our egos bigger than even Canis Majoris. Time we resized it all, I guess!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making Myself Useful

One of my friends has got a job in Chennai and is moving over to Chennai on Saturday. She has studied and worked hard to get this job and I am immensely happy for her. Her mother has taken tremendous efforts after her father passed away to make ends meet and to educate her children. My friend has done MBA even in such circumstances and for her, it is a completely new experience to go away from her family.

I am proud that I have such a brave and worthy friend. And I am glad that I was of help to her to pack her things. She was at a complete loss of how to pack her bags and what things to take along and how to take them. I sat with her for a couple of hours, sorted out things for her, and packed her bags for her.

In doing all this, I was tremendously happy that I was useful to someone. I was useful in making someone happier and relaxed. It is very heartening to see that I can be of use to someone. And, this I write not because I am vain, but to remind me once again that had I not been there, someone else would have been there. She would have received help in some or the other way. I was just the means, the "jariya", the "nimitti."

Never forget that you are a small cog in a giant wheel. Even if you don't do your work, the wheel won't stop turning.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be An Idiot!

Warning: If you haven't seen 3 Idiots, and want to watch it, know that this post contains spoilers. Read it at your own risk.

Don't miss the start. Especially the credits and the photography used for that song. It's simply beautiful. You start on the journey rightaway. I don't know if you have travelled to Konkan. But if you have, especially long hours, you will get the exact feeling of travelling on winding roads for long hours when you are watching the credits. That's because you turn as the camera turns, as the car turns. It's simple, and that's why brilliant camera work. The mood sets in. As the story unravels, you are on a journey to find Rancho.

The story goes on about how the three main protagonists meet, become friends, love each other for what they are, and hate each other too. We get to know how they learn new things, study, chill out with friends and make fun of them too. We see how people and situations affect them, how they react to it, and what the consequences are.

I would rather not tell the story here but tell how the film affected me and what I liked in it. The film is a wonderful combination of flashback and present. When you are dealing with the present, you are suddenly thrown back into the past. And when dwelling in the past, you are suddenly pulled back to the present. These jerks are awesome, a wonderful back and forth of circumstances.

Raju's family is shown as if existing from a 1950s-1960s movies, entirely in black and white. That's maintained throughout in the movie. The moment you step in their house, it's all black and white. It's beautiful. On the other hand, Farhan's camera plays an important role. It is almost through Farhan's camera that we see the past. It's his narration that takes the story ahead.

The only love song in the movie is, I have to admit, cute. Really cute. Very nicely done. I loved it. The whole time I was watching that song, I had a smile on my lips. Both Aamir and Kareena look awesome in it, especially when they are dancing against the big white moon.

I am not saying the movie is flawless. It has its melodramatic scenes, exaggerated scenes, and completely unbelievable scenes. But you are led into a suspension of your disbelief. I watched the movie twice and believe me, the pregnancy scene, which is so much exaggerated brought out a completely different reaction from the audience. The first time I watched it, the theatre was silent, completely silent. After the baby was born, there was a kind of sigh of relief. The second time I watched it, once the baby was out and kicking (not literally), there were whistles in the audience. It was amazing to be there at that moment to experience that.

After a long time, I actually heard people going crazy over a hero's or heroine's entry on screen. There were whistles and shouts on Aamir Khan's entries. Superb!

I loved the movie not for the message it spreads. I loved it for the sheer cinematic experience it provides.

I highly recommend this movie for everyone. Not to be missed for worlds!

Friday, January 1, 2010

What's New?

Another year starts, and life still goes on. I mean, with the new year, except that the date changes, what's different? It's the same old life for us workers, go to office and return in the evening day after day. For students, the year continues...nothing apparently changes except the syllabus.

A new financial year starts and yet each one stays at the same level that one was before. If you get an appraisal and bonus, then you spend more because you have got more. Eventually you end up having the same amount as your bank balance.

Writers keep writing new things like they have done every year. Actors keep on acting as they have done in each of their past movies. Players play and excel like they do in every game. Soldiers do their duties and wait for their next vacation as they do every year.

People are born and people die. Natural calamities occur and leave some scars. Man-made dire circumstances occur leaving behind a whirlwind of emotions. Ultimately everything settles down as dust settles down after a storm to welcome another year that will go past as the year before that.

Just one small change add another year to your age and that's what makes a difference.