Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dosa And Civic Sense

"Dosa!" Those were the only words Anay (Nanu) said to me today on phone. My sister called up to say that my nephew wanted to talk to me. And when he came on the line, he just said that one word and hung up. So cute of him. I think he just wanted to tell that he had dosa that day. He is such a cherubic boy. Full of life, full of masti.

On Saturday, Aai, Baba, and I visited Nanu at home. He was overjoyed to see us all together. For the entire time that we were there, he kept on repeating and dancing on "Sagle aale, sagle aale!" Usually, I go alone to my sister's place. So, he was over-excited to see us all together. He kept playing with his gadi. He zoomed in and out and used to stop abruptly saying "Red signal lagla, ata thambaycha." Then in a few seconds he would start again saying, "Ata green signal. Ata jaycha."

I just hope he maintains this civic sense when he grows up and starts driving a vehicle on the roads.


  1. Posting the following comment on behalf of Revathi, who can't post comments here:

    i am sure nanu will be a good citizen of the country.... and for all u know... if he inspires many others... he might say "sagle aale line var!" wud that be another 18 yrs down the line?

  2. Hehe ! This reminds me my childhood.

    ....but I doubt about my civic sense now, after experiencing 24 rainy seasons :)