Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can We Get Smaller Than This?

Where do we figure in this?

If you want to know more about this picture, see

Seriously, we're just teeny-weeny, tiny-miny, itsy-bitsy midgets in this universe. But we consider ourselves, our wants and wishes, our egos bigger than even Canis Majoris. Time we resized it all, I guess!


  1. It's all perspective, P. The reason we consider ourselves important could be because...
    Canis Majoris :: Us is similar to Us :: other smaller things (


  2. a) Ego, Wants, Wishes - Like fire which can burn everything that comes into it's contact, True Knowledge can burn every ounce of them from us. But not everyone deserves to attain this knowledge nor has the capacity to endure the path. They are happily living blindfolded in a town where sunshine never steps in.

    b) Beautifully depicted in movie Matrix, "Red Pill or Blue pill"