Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Holiday Starts

It's after another year that we are going for a vacation. The past year has been full of ups and downs. Full of surprises, full of hardships, Winnings, losses, learnings, realisations, and a lot more.

Finally when we decided to take some time off from office and head for a vacation, there were so many destinations to choose from. After a lot of thought, we've zeroed upon Rajasthan. We will be there for around 6-7 days. I plan to take a lot of notes during the whole trip, take a lot of pictures too, and after coming back, write a bunch of posts on the trip. Let's see if that really works out.

What was interesting this time was the way we both felt as we left the office on Friday. Because we won't be there the next week, we had to complete quite a few tasks and get all things up-to-date. We both felt just as we had felt two years back when we were leaving office on the last day before our month-long vacation for our wedding. Deja vu. Very weird!

But that's how it is! So here am I, writing my last post before the vacation. The next I'll write only after I am back. See you! Tata!