Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Unknown

Fear of the unknown...that's what we fear the most!

And it starts from very small things. It starts right from our first day in school or college, we know nothing what to expect and that's why we are terrified. We are nervous on our first day on our first job, every job for that matter.

We are afraid of meeting new people because we don't know what will happen when we do. We are frightened to try out new things because they are unknown to us.

And we are afraid of every new phase of our life because we are just clueless of what lies ahead of us.

Life is full of unknown things! That's really spooky, you know!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Something's Wrong With My Face

"I have seen you somewhere." That's what a lot of people say when they meet me or see me for the first time. I wonder how can everyone feel that they have seen me before.

I have heard people say that there are at least 7 people in this whole world who look similar. I have a doubt that all the other six are here in Pune. That's a very dangerous condition. I think, I now know what Lord Voldemort felt when he knew that there were 6 more of himself hidden somewhere. But at least he knew where they all were. I don't know where my other duplicates are. That's spooky!

Let me get my hands on at least one of the other 6! Then see what all I do! I'll maker her attend ever family function for me. I'll make her drive me everywhere. I'll make her work for me and I'll go on a long vacation. Then she'll know what it is to be me.

One other thing that I always hear when my family folks meet me is that I look like my Aunt, my father's sister. If not her, then I am generally told that I look like one of her daughters, my cousin Shilpa or Sapna. My family also tells me that I talk like my cousins, my style is just like the other Pradhans.

Could someone please say that I look exactly like myself and that I talk just like myself?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Morning Ride

A soft, rainy, Sunday morning...a nice chilled atmosphere...the perfect setting for a good exercise. And nothing better than a twenty-minutes cycle ride.

Sunday morning started with getting up late. But the rains in the night made sure that it was a wet morning. No sun burning down the neck. Awesome!

I started late, but being a Sunday, the traffic was low. So even when I went right on the high-traffic roads, I could ride easily without much hassle. And it was fun, absolute fun. The wind rushing past me as I rode faster, the cold morning, the strain I felt on my body as I rode...it was all exhilarating.

The only catch is, that I should not get back to my earlier lazy self, but continue this regime!

Mala jamel?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rains...I'm Loving It!

It's raining hard! The rains slash, the clouds are ringing with thunders sending out flashes of lightenings, and the pitter-patter of rain drops is a music onto itself.

There's a serenity that quietens one and all.

I am ready to endure those four months of intense heat for these beautiful, peace-bringing, happy monsoon days.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Touching Our Feet

What they make and repair touch our feet and that's what makes their day.

My chappal was broken yesterday and I had to go to a cobbler. He was a real old Ajoba, with a bleak eye, wearing thick glasses, yet, in spotless white cotton clothes. He was old, but not out. He had the strength of running the whole shop single-handedly. And such a tidy shop it was.

When I was waiting for the dear Ajoba to repair my chappal, I thought how difficult his life must be. We buy new chappals and shoes immediately if the old one is torn, broken, or even simply old. But their life depends on these old shoes and chappals. They mend it for us and make them reusable for such a meager amount. Do you know what he charged me? Just Rupees 10. If that is all he got that day, can you imagine how he survives?

And here we are, garnering hundreds and lakhs of rupees, in fact a hundred times more per day than what the Ajoba might be getting daily. And we are still unhappy, we are still hungry for more.

I know one thing, I am damn lucky to get what I have. Thank Thee!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hukum Mere Aka!

I really, really wish I had a Genie who would say this every time I wanted something! Seriously!

I am now even fed up of being fed up and disgruntled when things don't just happen as per my wish. I am now tired of expecting something as per my wish everyday. I am exhausted of wishing to have carefree and guest-free weekends. I have lost hope of not having folks around who are not selfish and who care for their happiness alone. I am done with waiting forever for things to happen. I have had enough of entertaining people just because it's my "duty." I am sick of having my life ordained for me where I have no say at all.

Basically, at the moment, I am just sick to death of everything and everyone. Don't tell I didn't warn you! I won't be responsible if I misbehave with anyone.