Thursday, June 10, 2010

Touching Our Feet

What they make and repair touch our feet and that's what makes their day.

My chappal was broken yesterday and I had to go to a cobbler. He was a real old Ajoba, with a bleak eye, wearing thick glasses, yet, in spotless white cotton clothes. He was old, but not out. He had the strength of running the whole shop single-handedly. And such a tidy shop it was.

When I was waiting for the dear Ajoba to repair my chappal, I thought how difficult his life must be. We buy new chappals and shoes immediately if the old one is torn, broken, or even simply old. But their life depends on these old shoes and chappals. They mend it for us and make them reusable for such a meager amount. Do you know what he charged me? Just Rupees 10. If that is all he got that day, can you imagine how he survives?

And here we are, garnering hundreds and lakhs of rupees, in fact a hundred times more per day than what the Ajoba might be getting daily. And we are still unhappy, we are still hungry for more.

I know one thing, I am damn lucky to get what I have. Thank Thee!

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