Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Unknown

Fear of the unknown...that's what we fear the most!

And it starts from very small things. It starts right from our first day in school or college, we know nothing what to expect and that's why we are terrified. We are nervous on our first day on our first job, every job for that matter.

We are afraid of meeting new people because we don't know what will happen when we do. We are frightened to try out new things because they are unknown to us.

And we are afraid of every new phase of our life because we are just clueless of what lies ahead of us.

Life is full of unknown things! That's really spooky, you know!


  1. So which unknown are you about to face?

  2. Khara aahe 100% takke !! Along with this fear of the unknown there is also another fear (quite common) ... fear of failure... and it is partially because of fear of the unknown :-).

  3. simplypallu, definitely not school, college, and job. Meeting new people, yes somewhat...but that's an everyday thing. And about new phase of life, no idea at all...that's that! It's more unknown than the rest. That's why more scary, more spooky!