Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Impressions And Influences

There are some folks in your life that make a profound difference to you. Here are some of the folks who have affected me in some way or the other.

I am not going to name them, but will use their initials. There are a number of reasons for not using their names. I want to keep their names a secret. There will be a kind of mystery to their identity, which will be interesting. Not all about whom I have written may read this and will never come to know that I have included them here. If any one them reads this, and recognises herself or himself, I don't want her or him to feel obliged to thank me or to curse me for whatever I may feel about them. Nor do I want to make them feel embarrassed. I've noted these folks in whichever order, without any reference to their importance to me or influence too.

I'll probably keep this as a running list and update it frequently. Because people themselves change so much that there is something new to learn and write about them all the time.

So here it goes:

MK: Intelligent, smart, and strong. Ready to take on the world on her own terms. She leads life to make a difference and succeeds too. In recent years, her roles have changed and I have been amazed to see the change in her. She is a wonderful lady. We have had our fights and misunderstandings. But it's all forgotten now. I admire her and just as she has been there to support me, I shall always be there to support her whenever she needs me.

AK: This guy has been there always and supported me. Initially, I wasn't too inclined to be good to him. But gradually I learnt that he is a wonderful guy and caring too. I believe in him a lot and know that he will be there to help me if I am in trouble. Our long discussions on all kinds of subjects, discussions on books, movies and computers are what I cherish always.

AK: The youngest addition to this group. I learn new things when I am with him. And it increases my patience too. Feels wonderful to know that someone thinks of you frequently.

RR: A very, very sensitive girl. Her heart's in the right place, though. She is choosy at times and jumpy. Sometimes I just can't understand her point of view. Nevertheless, I respect her views, though I may not agree. She has been one of my biggest support. She can't always know what's right and what's not. And her professional life is always giving her trouble. Yet she goes on with everything with a brave heart. She has been with me during most of my troubled times. I wish her all the luck!

SN: A down-to-earth, nice girl. Keeps a cool mind and a steady heart. We agree on a lot of points and believe in a lot of things together. Yet, there is something which is quite distinctive about her. I have found her to be a bit not-so-serious about things. She won't take as much efforts as required. Ultimately, her priorities have changed. Yet, at one point we still care about each other. I wish she was more frequently in touch.

AK: This is a whimsical, interesting guy. And a complete puzzle to me. But he is sweet, helpful, and has the "I-am-a-guy-and-should-ideally-protect-you" attitude, which I find very funny. And he will show that in even the smallest ways. While interacting with him, I am most of the times speechless. That's because I can't figure out what to say. Very discomforting.

KA: This is an interesting guy. Cynical a lot of times. But has clear thoughts about finance and career. We share a strange camaraderie. We got on the right note in a strange manner. But we hit it on quite well. We have had a lot of discussions and probably fights too. Yet, he's one of the nicest guys I've met. We have had our differences and were not talking for some time. But I am glad that we are on talking terms again. I only wish I get some questions answered from him. But that could be a far-fetched hope. Be that as it may, I wish him nothing but the best.

BH: A close friend who is now long-distant. But even now, we talk a lot. We've had some pretty discussions on a lot of things. He helps me think over some things, praises me a bit too much, and supports my decisions. Thank you for being there.

SD: One of my newest friend and also one of the closest. We have been friends since only some 8-9 months. But we do feel as if we have known each other for a long time. I cherish the wonderful discussions we have over coffee and wada-paav. It's amazing how comfortable we are with each other. We share a lot of things with each other like how I feel about some of my relatives and why I feel so. And he always comforts me when I am distressed because of work or because of other personal problems. Thanks!

RV: Extremely pampered and lazy. Seriously! He has got whatever he wanted at the beck of his call. Yet, he will find some or the other thing to complain about. And he is great talker. He loves talking and does most of the talking when we are together. But he does have a very kind heart. Very sensitive too. When he likes people, he is ready to do anything and everything for them. And I am fortunate enough to be in his good books. He is very good at his work and is ready for hardwork there. Otherwise he is quite the lazy guy. At times he is damn moody and you may not know how to behave with him. Most other times, he is good and makes you laugh with his funny incidents. But he is a big man with a big heart and that's something.

There are also some other people who are worth mentioning, but I really don't have a lot to write about. These are AB, SB, JD, SS, VP, VN, SA, PS, SK, SP, AK, SM. And don't worry, I know whose initials all these are. Won't confuse them. Here's a big thanks to all of these too.


  1. Hey I think I know a few of these... :)

  2. Hya blog cha title IAI hava hota...considering the fact that there are so many initials in this.

  3. I've dreamed of doing such a post since ages. Never go to do it. Takes patience and has to be done in the heat of the moment.
    Also, RR's such a warm-hearted one you want to pamper her and tease her to death at the same time. Her openness sometimes makes her vulnerable, though.

  4. I have a complain !!!!! ;)