Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Support System

I have absolutely no doubt that each one of you must have felt this...more wronged than doing wrong. I have felt that so many times. Each time I get a blow from a "close" person, I always think, why me? What should I have done more to get unconditional support from that person? I can count all those times that I have been let down. Each time that happens, I tend to feel sour and dejected.

It is weird that we take so many things for granted. And one of them is that unreserved backup from our folks. That's where we fall flat on our face. I mean, really, when you give them your whole-hearted support and help, you really can't suppose that you will get back the same! They aren't a mirror, you know!

There's this nice film called 27 Dresses in which Katherine Heigl plays the role of a perpetual bridesmaid. She keeps on ploughing through life in the hope that one day she will get in return what she has been giving out to everyone. Eventually, after all trials and tribulations, she indeed gets what she wants. And she was also whole-heartedly supported by her family as well as all her friends for whom she had been a bridesmaid. Now that's of course downright optimistic. You cannot always have that luck!

Yet, life never gets dull. You get to know all such people and do some good for them. You will sacrifice a valuable thing to help that person. Does sacrifice count? I don't believe so. Once you sacrifice something, it never comes back. It is lost forever. And then when you do not get back something for that little sacrifice, it is lost one more time. You lament about how people change, how they do not help when you really need them. That's when you lose it a third time. Finally, you just console yourself saying that you should keep on doing stuff irrespective of whether that person reciprocates. That's when you lose the essence of the sacrifice for the fourth and final time. It's lost completely and takes away with it your belief in goodness.

You are back to square one, starting things anew. Starting a new order, ready to get disappointed again.

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  1. Having known you, I will never shed my belief in goodness.
    Sacrifice or 'Tyag' is a subtle form of renunciation, it will take ages to do that. What we do for others is because we love to do it for them and yes sometimes we do expect the reciprocation from them which we may or may not get in the same proportion or form as we would have thought/liked to receive. Why discontinue doing something good... and you have not failed or lost something in doing something out of love for others... you have enhanced your character. I believe our personality evolves when we give in any form. It radiates when we give not being too attached to have given. It's just unexpecting, unconditional, satisfying and joyous karma.