Monday, October 26, 2009

Unknown And Spooky

Ever met a person whom you cannot figure out at all? I know of one. Every time I interact with that person, I learn new things. When I talk to that person, I get lost. I cannot know whether what was said at that moment  is true or if I misunderstood something.

How is it that a person is so mysterious that you can't decipher him/her at all? I can't realise when things are serious or whether everything is just for fun...just not serious! It is weird. I have never felt so lost about any other person. It is quite disconcerting.

Usually, I am pretty good at understanding people. Perhaps, I may not understand a person completely at the first go. But my first impressions are generally correct or at least in the right direction. But with this particular person, I am thrown completely off track. I also feel that whatever h/she tells me, h/she must be behaving completely opposite to that in real life. For every new day, every new situation, h/she must be behaving differently and in contrary ways. There are so many facades that the real face can never be seen. Or perhaps I can never discover the real face.

I guess, that's how people are. Perhaps, I am being too arrogant when I say that I understand others well. I suppose it is just one part of my friend/colleague/relative that is shown to me that I understand perfectly. The one that is unknown to me might be completely different and perhaps spooky.

That might be with me too. I might be behaving differently with different people. The face that I show before people might be different from my other face, the hidden one. And the hidden one could be dangerous. Who knows! We now embark upon the unknown and spooky! One from which there will hardly be any discoveries! Spooky again!

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