Friday, October 30, 2009


A ship tossing on the ocean...! She has no destination, no purpose, no control. She moves at the sea's will. One wave pushes it to the shore while another one pushes it out to the sea. There is absolutely nothing that the ship herself can do. She has no control on its present and future. She keeps bobbing up and down as waves lash against her.

On cheerful, lovely, sunny days, she keeps on moving on the vastness of the sea. Chilly winter days do not affect her because she is supposed not to feel anything. The sunrise and sunset make her feel nothing.

She goes where the sea wants her to without knowing where and when. She never knows if she will ever reach a shore and if she does, hardly knows if that's her destination. Up and down she goes without control. As much as she might want to do something, she can't. Because she is not her own master.

She just wishes that someone reaches out to her and helps her control herself. She hopes this happens before she is completely shattered and tattered.


  1. Is it really the Ship that you are talking about...does not sound like it?