Saturday, December 26, 2009

To A Friend

She has always been there for me. Always...whatever has happened, she has stood by me-supporting me, cheering me up, caring for me, and loving me as I am. Never has she tried to change me but has always accepted me just as I am. She is sometimes irritated with my whims and fancies, but seldom has she shown that.

She is bubbling with energy, full of life. For her, life is to be lived to the fullest. No short cuts. She suffers, she toils, she endures pains and heartbreaks. But when she is happy, she is exhilarated, not just for herself, but for each and every friend she knows. Each of her friends' happiness and joys are her own. She is crazy at times, a lot times confused, seldom careless, and always talkative. She is one of my best friends.

It's her birthday today. Here's wishing her a very Happy Birthday! May all your wishes and dreams come true. God bless you!


  1. :) nice :)
    And u know wat... I feel the same for her :)

  2. My friend Revathi can't post her comments on the blog, no idea why...posting the following one on her behalf...

    aawww.... thanks a ton! muah!
    damn! u opened my tear taps!
    love u loads!!!