Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Begging With An Attitude

I was driving the other day and missed the signal because the car ahead of me was not moving. Even after honking, it didn't move. I saw a limping beggar crossing the road ahead of that car and felt ashamed. The car moved on and got the signal. I was not fortunate enough.

I was waiting for the signal to turn green. That's when the disabled beggar came at my window. Initially he thumped on my car door. Then he knocked unceremoniously on my closed window. I saluted him and shook my head. Then without any warning, he closed my right mirror. And the reason...I did not give him anything. He walked away from my car cursing me angrily.

I agree that all these beggars have a very hard life on the streets. Harder than we can even imagine. But does that give them a right to behave rudely with people like us?

We are as much responsible, perhaps. We dehumanise them, insult them, and behave improperly with them. And that is wrong, completely wrong. But what that beggar did to me, was that correct? When we behave with others, we are always supposed to be decent and not be affected by our financial and social background. Why isn't that applicable to others too? Why can't we just behave humanly with everyone?

Perhaps, I am wrong. But what that beggar did to me was completely uncalled for.

Does his "beggar-ness" give him the freedom to behave in whatsoever manner he wants? I doubt.

A very good friend of mine has honoured me by translating this post in Japanese. To read it in Japanese, see http://blog.goo.ne.jp/cprajwal85/e/fe462f2fd439b86d2f2561adbcb7be8c.


  1. this is a problem you face everywhere in India. "Others" can do whatever they want. "We" can't.

  2. Firstly, was that person even a "beggar" - or a millionaire guy saving his money in some swiss account and relaxing with his cuban cigars at night and in day he was doing his "job" or i should say act of business....

    Only in business one frowns and act inhumanely when a deal goes wrong. So for me the most important question is was he even a "beggar" in true sense or someone who uses his "be-gar-ness" as a skill to earn money.

  3. Hey, with your permission, I would like to translate this blog in Japanese and publish...

    Lemme know....

  4. Praj: Thanks! I grant you permission to translate this blog in Japanese and publish it! :) Good Luck!