Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sound Of Night

On a silent winter night, when you are all curled up in your bed, reading a nice book, have you ever heard the night sounds?

The crickets noisy presence is felt and you wonder what is happening on the other side of the world. The other half of the world is enjoying the day and you are about to tuck it in. As you mark the page and keep aside the book, you will hear the night musician at work.

You will hear the night watchmen whistling and keeping the otherwise silent night lively. You will also hear them making a characteristic "thok, thok, thok" sound with their sticks. Then you will hear some rash ruffians driving their stupid, noisy bikes at full speed. Sometimes, you will hear the siren of an ambulance and you will hope that the sick get medical help as soon as possible. You will hear some dogs howling happily into the night and also hear some other dogs replying back. If you stay near a cowshed (as I do, right in the heart of the city,) you will hear the tinkering of the bells and wonder how long the cows will stay awake. You will wonder if they ever stop chewing cud at least while sleeping.

As you get cosier in your bed, you finally realise that you have got to go to work next day and try to sleep. Just as you are about to sleep, you are awoken by the sudden, violent grunt of your old refrigerator. Cursing the icebox, you drift off to sleep again.

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