Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clicking Away!

Some of my favourite pictures that I clicked...

This one I clicked in the University of Pune. This is a lamp post and I loved framing it with the green background.

I clicked this one on "Tripuri Pournima, " a sacred full-moon night on November 2, 2009.

Taken at Karla. After I saw this photo on a bigger screen did I notice the cobweb. That made it an interesting picture.

 I liked the red and green colours. Nice contrast! And the sharpness of the flower is beautiful.

 This one I liked for the positions of the two trees. Just two trees at either end diagonally in the picture make the frame interesting and characteristic.

 "Terda" Those are the flowers. I don't know the English name for these flowers. But we use them especially in Navratra, so I liked taking their picture.

 I liked this one for the combination of red, blue, and green.

 Loved this one for the little birdie and the timing.

 Liked it for the perspective it offers because of the fence, the playground, and the building.

 Taken from a film camera two years back, I think. I like this one for the vastness of the landscape and the lone farmer in the middle toiling. The arid landscape bring out his efforts in a stark reality.

 I love this one for the inky blue colour of the sky. It is awesome.

 One nice doggy at my place basking in the sun.

 One small lamp in the darkness. I liked this picture that places the lamp so strategically.

That's all that I could find. I think these are enough pics at the moment.

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