Friday, November 6, 2009

"Preetam Aan Milo"

Have you seen the movie "Angoor"? It is a hilarious movie based on Shakespeare's drama A Comedy of Errors. In Angoor, there is one scene where Sanjeev Kumar tells Deven Varma to sing the song "Preetam Aan Milo" as a code word.

Do you remember different code words that you use? These could be used in daily life as well as in some special occasions.

I remember when we were kids, our parents had to keep us home alone. Our old home then did not have a double door. So, we had some code words. My dad taught me and my sister that it is called "paravalicha shabda." It used to be any simple word. One day, when we were alone at home, he knocked and we actually asked "Paravalicha shabda kay?" He did answer. And when we allowed him in the house, he told us that we shouldn't ask that question. Just ask "who are you?" or a question that is related to the answer. That was my first introduction to a code word.

Have you come across similar code words? I know of people who use code words while talking. For example, some people are given code names which are used while talking in general public. This gives them freedom to talk whatever they want without letting others know of what they are talking. We had named our manager "kawla" for his extra-stringent management. We could talk about him in front of others and have fun at his expense.

"Gondya ala re" was another such code word used by the brave Chapekar brothers to assassinate Charles Walter Rand. There is an excellent film about these Chapekar brothers and the assassination. If you care to read about it, here it is: 22 June 1897.

Can you remember one of the famous code words that we have always heard about? Let me give you a's an Arabian tale. Can you recall it now? Here's it: Khul Ja Sim Sim. Very famous words!

And all those underworld code words...khoka, peti, ghoda...all have become well-known because of films. Filmwallahs would know these code words. They are usually in contact with the underworld, or so we hear always.

Anyway, so such are code with words.


  1. Remember good old Cybage days...Bharatesh, Rahul, you and I had this- "CCD" everyday :)

  2. .... CCD.... Cybageche Chaan Diwas .... Look i found a code word :-) .... I don't remember many... but Preetam Aan Milo is the one which leaves me in splits every time i remember the great Sanjeev Kumar's rendition of this dialogue ...he was simply superb actor/comedian.