Sunday, November 8, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses...

...I would be in Seattle right now.
...or in Mahabaleshwar.
...I would have my own house in Shimla or Darjeeling.
...I would have a farmhouse in Konkan.
...I would have a driver sometimes.
...I would have my own room.
...I would be able to write better.
...I would never have to work again. would rain oftener.
..."Zoka" would be reaired. Or at least, I would get the entire series in a DVD set. Check out the title song of that serial here.)
...Patience wouldn't try me so much.
...I wouldn't have had to make this (never-ending) list.


  1. :D
    ur never-ending list ended tooo soon.. :)

  2. interesting list..the wishes depict ur simple thots :)