Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kuch Khaas Hain Jindagi Mein

Do you write letters? Not e-mails, letters. I love writing letters. It is a whole new world of writing. It's wonderful to receive a hand-written letter than an e-mail.

A recent new Cadbury's advertisement shows two postmen on a Diwali day looking out at a deserted locality and lamenting the loss of warmth and togetherness even when it's Diwali. I found that advertisement very beautiful. So many things have been shown in such a pleasing, simple way, that it makes you all cheerful.

One hardly ever receives letters these days. I am not talking about the usual bills, magazine subscriptions, or official letters that we receive. I am talking about letters sent by our friends and family members that talk about nothing in general, but when read, leave you full of warmth and satisfaction. We tend to think that our relatives are just a phone call away and so are they. But the charm of a hand-written letter is altogether different.

In the advertisement, it is heartening to see the postmen delivering letters to the various residents. And very cleverly, they post the wrong letters to the wrong people. The residents get letters addressed to their neighbours delivered to them. Of course, it definitely is bad manners to read someone else's letters. But if you ignore that, the effect of those letters is instantaneous.

All residents rush out to deliver the letters to the rightful owners. And a sweet grandma chides the grandpa to not go without some sweets to return the letter. How nice! Even when we visit folks, do we remember to take some gift with us?

So, she brings out a big plate of Cadbury's chocolates. All neighbours have come out to return each other's letters and all enjoy the chocolates! They include the postmen too in their celebrations. It was their simple trick that made people reach out to each other to enjoy the essence of life!

Just goes to show how even such small things can make a huge difference! No one is angry that their letters have been opened but enjoy the moment of togetherness! Love and camaraderie!

One does need to toil harder to be connected in this modern, technology-at-our-fingertips world. Be it writing letters, socialising with our neighbours, or celebrating life together! I figure, we do need to take those efforts to stay in touch! Because, if we connect, we create a new world.


  1. Yes it does remind me of how important a man was the Post master/man at the post office in our village (and they are still but only in remote corners away from the reach of technology). We eagerly waited for our results (report cards) which our school used mail us during the summer holidays. We no longer wait for anything these days....everything is instantaneous... and we do try to seek happiness, joy, pleasure instantly, the patience to wait for something to bear the fruit is long gone....we live in an INSTANT-age. The sharing of joy,sorrow and romance with LETTERS is bygone era !!!

  2. i like this blog...the feeling of loneliness in a world full of people is very poignant