Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anything, Something, Nothing

Since a long time, I have thought of a lot of topics to write about when I start my blog. But now that I have actually started my blog, I can't gather my thoughts to write something that would make sense. So, how does one write something that is not stupid enough?

For everyone to read, it should at least be of some common interest. And I am not talking about stuff that is highly specialised in a particular subject, such as politics, films, human behaviour, animals, or anything. How do you write about nothing but still make it immensely interesting? Is there a set template that will help me do that?

When I say nothing, does it mean anything? What is nothing when I am already writing about something? There wouldn't be nothing if I was not writing about something. But then, I am hardly writing about anything.

It's like this: when we represent nothing with a zero, we are still representing something with a zero. A zero represents that thing that is not anything. So, it is nothing. But we have to represent even nothing with something. So, it cannot be nothing. Eventually, there cannot be nothing that is nothing. Can you imagine the universe being nothing at any point? So, there can never be nothing. So there's always been something and we always have something to talk about. What a great discovery!

Have I written anything that makes sense? Nothing, I suppose!


  1. All i can say about this blog that...."its not anything which says something about nothing....."

  2. representing nothing with something is like you try to pull your self in the air by grabbing your own hair.
    An effort to talk about zero or nothing is a moment of accepting the existence of nothingness; nothingness which is always a question mark for us. Nothingness is an intelligible as well as sensible entity as we can feel it and now trying to putforth in words.
    Thus, when u feel empty or lonely or whatever one feels and can relate to the feeling of zeroness, does our existence become a questionmark? Not only for us but also for people around who exist outside the zero? IN anycase i feel one's existence is a question mark for other people. Imagine people visualising you as a question mark; a question mark moving through small corridores of office moving to the coffee machine.

    so does a Zero=Nothingness=? ?

    What role does hobby have in this equation?
    An activity which gives me pleasure and i like to do it every day (consciously)can be called hobby. Does it bring me closer to this state of being a? or does it take me away from it?