Friday, September 4, 2009

A Dream Of A Day!

A hot, sizzling cup of strong coffee giving an irrestible aroma, a favourite book, rain pattering on the window glass, and you lying in your cozy bed. That's a perfect day, isn't it? Or if you are not into reading, your definition of a perfect day would include an exciting, nerve-gritting football or cricket match in the morning, a lip-smacking lunch in your favourite restaurant, and a peaceful afternoon siesta after the heavy lunch.

Whatever your ideas of a perfect day, I am looking forward to a perfect weekend as well. Coming Saturday, I am going to do some household chores in the morning. I am actually looking forward to completing my tasks for the week ahead. Then I shall be free to enjoy my Saturday evening and Sunday.

Saturday evening, I am planning to cook for my family. And I am not going to spill the beans what I am going to cook right away, so that it is not jinxed. And Sunday I am planning for a nice outing!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. "Suti chya diwashi na TV baghato, abhyas nasato na mhanun..." my neighbour's kid.