Monday, May 24, 2010

I-Want-To-Stay-Away-From-All-Relatives Fever

These days, I am suffering from this terrible fever. It's going on for the past one month. And I know it's going to stay for another couple of months at least.

It's acute symptoms are listlessness, getting bored when with relatives, finding reasons to avoid meeting relatives, staying out of home when relatives are expected home, staying back in office even when you have no work just to avoid relatives.

This fever is unfortunately not contagious. How much ever you wish that your relatives would catch this disease, they never do so. In fact, it has a curious reaction on your relatives. When you are suffering from this fever acutely, that's the exact time when they suffer from "We-Are-Coming-To-Stay-At-Your-Place" illness or the "You-Have-Not-Visited-Us-In-A-Long-Time" sickness, or even the "Why-Don't-You-Drop-By-Today-At-Our-Place?" malady.

Mind you, these are bound to increase your fever and I suggest you take precautions to avoid suffering the effects of these different diseases when you are already suffering from the fever.

Some options you can consider to ward off kinsmen are:
  • Going underground and untraceable for quite some time.
  • Spreading the word that you are suffering from swine flu.
  • Showing off that you are so busy in office that you don't have time even for yourself.
  • Going off on vacation and never informing when you are returning or when you have returned.
Note: Please let me know if you have tested and tried any other options with success.


  1. -Relatives-
    It's a labyrinth in which one is pushed blindfolded from the moment soul enters this body. Everybody tries to manipulate and impose their ideas.
    So please just listen the "Scream of Consciousness" rather than "Obligations of the Body" even it means doing things that is non-traditional or is considered "wrong" by this society.

  2. I'm a lifetime patient of this kind of fever. The option that worked well for me was to move to a different city. Now that I'm back, I plan to move to a different country.