Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheers To My Chariot!

She completed 1 year on May 26. My 2010 has given me immense pleasure on crowded Pune roads and in long distance travel. She has protected me from the sun, the traffic, and the hazards of two-wheeler driving. I owe her one!

Her elegant colour and shape add to her other advantages: smooth drive, powerful AC, comfortable interiors. I have spent some of my memorable times with her and my friends, enjoying her ownership and taking pride in guiding her.

Driving through rains and listening to my favourite songs: that's what I love to do with her. I remember how I had been to Lonavla with friends, had opened the boot, and had ice cream sitting in the boot watching the beautiful rains. It was awesome. I remember my first long drive to Mumbai with her. I remember how one night I had pizza with Mukta and Aditya in Bavdhan, enjoying the night stillness around.

I also remember how she has got all the different scratches and dents. I am so sorry dear! A big hug to you from me for that.

My heartfelt thanks to my Chariot, my Estilo, who has run for more than 8800 kms in this year and has allowed me to control her and bend her to my wishes on all roads! Love you Lady!


  1. Cheers to Ze Estillo! And, woman, there was only one pizza place in Bavdhan until recently. You didn't come over even though you were in the neighborhood. Grrr.

  2. Okay, I should have told how we had pizza then in more detail. We had picked up our Smokin' Joe's pizzas, went for a drive, stopped at one point on the Bavdhan Road, and had pizza in the car, enjoying the night sounds. Anay was sleeping on Mukta's lap in the car, and we were having pizza! :) So, couldn't make it to your place, simplypallu. Will do it next time! :D

  3. Okay, that's an acceptable excuse. The nights are really fascinating. Glad you enjoyed :)