Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Love...

...the smell of first rains.

...freshly made beds, especially if someone else has made them for me. look at my closet full of ironed clothes waiting for me to wear them. wear bright, ironed clothes or my most comfortable blue top on my favourite jeans. look at my home that I have just cleaned prim and prop which looks very welcoming. drive in my dear Estilo when it's raining hard outside listening to my favourite "Jab We Met" songs. when someone drops me back from work or a nice outing or party, especially coming out of way to do it. (Schade! that it has never happened yet. It's mostly me who does the dropping off for people.) feel the blast of the AC in my Estilo when driving to office. when people say that I am a good driver. (Believe me, I am!) when someone remembers me and buys something especially for me when they are on a trip or outing. (That too has happened only very, very seldom.) when sometimes people leave me alone to myself. watch a movie alone sometimes. buy gifts for my dear ones. (Sometimes I feel I overdo it.) when a friend of mine gives me a flower every time we meet. see myself sweat it out after I go for a walk or exercise rigorously. see not just the sweat on my face after my exercise but also my rosy cheeks bright with exercise.(So Elizabeth-Darcy-like!) sit under that one tree in our local park after my usual rounds enjoying the cool breeze and looking at the evening sky and the birds around. when friends ping me to chat, especially those who are so dear to me. when there is absolutely no work, no relatives, no visits on weekends and I get to do whatever and how much ever I want. take that blessed afternoon siesta after a sumptuous meal on a Saturday. have dinner ready for my parents when they return from Mumbai. when I switch on the TV and find my favourite movie on. hear my favourite old songs on the radio. watch movies in the night when everyone else is asleep in the house. read an exciting, nerve-wrecking novel right into the night and finish it off with a relish. write long letters describing all kinds of things to my friends. when I receive a letter from my friends as a reply to my earlier letter. buy beautiful, unique key chains, treasure them all up, and then open this treasure some days later to take a stock.

and of course, when people leave comments on blog posts. ;)


  1. And I love reading ur blog posts :) :D
    (actually thats the first thing I do every morning before starting work... so to say my morning ritual) :)

  2. Haven't been here in a while and I see 3 new posts. Nice to 'read' you :)

  3. Thanks @p@rn@! And, thank you for "reading" me and commenting, simplypallu. :)