Monday, July 16, 2012


One major release is over at work. And it's time for relaxation.

Since last October-November, I remember nothing but working hard. Putting in extra time to complete documentation for releases. For me releases followed one after the other in succession. It is now, in fact, difficult to understand what to do in the time that I'll have at hand at office. But I am sure I will be able to figure out. More than that, I am sure there will be some next release coming up before I get time to relax.

But one thing I am sure going to do is, start leaving from office on time. I am not going to linger on in office for more than required. I'm also going to try and finish off reading a lot of books that I have bought and just kept them on the shelf for lack of time.

I also want to go out of town for a few days or a week and relax at some sea or mountain resort. I am not sure that will happen. But I can at least dream about it! :)

Hopefully, I should also be more frequent here now that I'll have time on my hands. I do have a couple of themes to write about.

One other thing I am definitely going to do is catch up with people with whom I have lost touch. I have been giving the excuse (had to rack my brains for this word, just couldn't get it out!) that I don't have time. But now, I won't give that reason!

Ohh...and I almost forgot. I have to start exercising again!

Quite a big list to do. Let's see if I can do it all.


  1. Good luck with all the things that you want to do. The best wish that anyone can give anyone else is that they get time to relax, and time to do things they enjoy, and that they find out beforehand what it is that they enjoy :)