Friday, July 20, 2012

Being Lucky

After a long time, I have got the time to blog. And now, I cannot think of anything to write about. There were so many things that I wanted to write about when I was working hard and had no time to write. But now, I can recall nothing that I want to write about.

So, I am just going to write here whatever random thoughts come to my mind.

Today, when I checked my office mails, I found appreciation mails from all my senior members. Not just my team, but also the senior manager of two of the products that I was working on. And also an appreciation mail from VP Engineering. I was happily surprised. I am glad that my work has been recognised and appreciated.

Whenever I think back on what all I have been working on, the opportunities I got here in my present job, the experience on all different fronts, be it writing, handling people, overall industry experience, I just feel I have been so lucky. Two and half years back when I was ready to work again after a break of two and half months, I had two choices. The other company was more famous. But I somehow went for this one, because my previous manager was here. And somehow, at that time, it made sense. In what way, and how, I don't know. But at that time, it just seemed to be the right choice. And boy! It really has been the right choice.

I have been really lucky to get a great team lead and manager. They have helped me grow and learn so much. Some years before, I might have thought that I had lost some good chances of promotion. But today, I don't feel that at all. I know that my experience today has been useful for me to get to the position that I am today. Posts and designations never mattered a lot. Of course, I am not a saint. So, when people who were junior to me got promoted, I used to get jealous, only a bit. But today, I am happy at what I am doing and where I am. I am proud to say that I have not got an undeserved promotion. I have really worked hard over these two years. I love the work that I am doing here.

The best part is that when I say that I have an experience of seven years, I feel I have gained knowledge equivalent to the number of years and designation that I have. It's not the feeling that I used to get when I was interviewing candidates to hire them. I found them all having an experience of more than 3-4 years. But if you really questioned them about the kind of work they had done, they couldn't really stand up to the designation they had. I am glad that promotions have come in at the right time for me. Not the kind of higher designations handed out to candidates just to retain them in the company.

I have had very rigorous 4-5 months. I just completed a release on Wednesday and have taken these two days off. I am really enjoying these two days off. But believe me, I am more than willing to go back to work on Monday and start something new. It really makes me happy.

I only want to wish the same good luck to everybody of my colleagues. It has been great with them, and surely I wouldn't have achieved this success without each one of them. Thank you all!

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