Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pre- And Post-20.12.2010

Just like six months back. Feels like I am in a different world now. In fact, it seems the world is divided into two parts. Pre-20.12.2010 and Post-20.12.2010.

I have come over to stay for a few days at my parents's home which included a weekend too. It was absolutely just like the frenzy that was going on before 20.12.2010. Weekend shopping sprees, evening meetings with SP after office, and then coming home, spending time at home, doing all kinds of tasks like cleaning up every nook and corner, completing pending bank work, getting things ready for moving out, filling up bags...the list is endless.

And in the morning on weekdays, just like old times...get up, go for a walk or a bicycle ride, come back all sweaty, plunge into the bath, have a quick breakfast, fill mom's and my tiffins, and then go off to office for the day's work. Just like pre-20.12.2010. It's strange how a few days bring in a complete different perspective to life.

Seemingly, nothing has changed here at my parents' place. Baba gets up at the same time for the milkman. He does his share of chores. Aai gets up and does the cooking, cleaning. Baba goes on doing rest of the tasks and then steps out of the house to complete other outdoor tasks. He will manage to teach a student or two in the meanwhile. Aai will step out to go to office and be back in the evening. The routine is not changed.

But there is a big change. I am not there now. They have learnt to live without me. They have accepted that I won't be there with them forever. And I am crying as I write this...not because I am not included in their lives, but because I cannot be there to support them as they live alone without their children. It's sad that they made me and my sister all independent and capable to lead our own lives so that ultimately we lived happily and they alone.

And come Saturday and I will go back to my post-20.12.2010 life. Leaving back the pre-20.12.2010 life again, but taking with me all memories of the time I spent with Aai-Baba and at Shaniwar Peth. I will miss them.

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