Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A few incidents I came across that showed the hardships faced by people around us and how they survive. In fact, it's these hardships that make us stronger. We learn so much and grow so much.

The first one was a month back when we visited a restaurant. The boy who took our order could speak English. But you could tell that he had just learnt it. But I liked his confidence. He was speaking grammatically correct English. The best part was that he was not throwing any accent, nor was he stammering while talking. I can imagine what efforts he must have taken to learn English and communicate in proper English. It was his determination that helped him overcome his shortcomings. I liked his attitude and salute his will to succeed despite hardships.

The next incident that I vividly remember is of two boys carrying a cooking gas cylinder on a bicycle. That scene is representative of so many things: it shows how the middle class survives, how children are willingly (or perhaps, unwillingly) ready to help and do household chores for a better life, how children have to manage these chores with parents busy earning the daily bread, how ably children can handle these tasks. Moreover, it's a lesson in life for those two boys. Those two boys are already learning to be independent, and understanding, that life is after all sharing and helping. After growing up, I am sure they will reminisce how they used to get the cooking gas cylinder home on a bicycle, and will narrate this incidence to their kids, who will be in awe of the extraordinary life their parents led as kids.

Two other incidences are of two ladies who are on the brink of changes in life. The similarities are uncanny. Both are looking for a better job, both are trying to pursue higher education, and both are new candidates for matrimony. As I hear each one's experience, I realise that both are going through similar experiences, frustrations, heartaches, disappointments, and rekindled hopes. These are hardships that most girls go through. And each one learns numerous lessons. Each one grows up and matures through these trying times and emerges a better person.

The worst and probably the best part about hardships is that no one, absolutely no one can bypass this journey. If you feel that you did not have to face certain kinds of hardships, think before you feel or decide that way. Because just as you are taking the next turn in your Life, the Hardships Family has already boarded your Life train. And unless you drop the Family at the next stop, you can't shake them off. You must bear with them and emerge winners.

That's what life is about...hardships cultivate winners.

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  1. Everyone finds it hard to sail in the ship of Life....hence the word hardships ... ;). Nice blog. I liked it a lot.