Monday, February 7, 2011

Hazards Of Being Married

  • Your status (finally?) changes. You are now supposed to appear in all Haldi-Kumkum functions.
  • If your husband works in your office, your colleagues will suddenly be too much interested in him, as if he is an item on display. If he is a calm and quiet guy, your frustration and irritation with your colleagues won't rise to alarming levels.
  • Every new relative, neighbour, acquaintance wants to know "Amchya kade kadhi yenaar??" It's as if we have got married to do just that...visit them.
  • The time between a Friday and the following Monday contracts drastically. When you do realise it was a weekend, you are practically staring at 11 p.m. in the clock on Sunday.
  • You learn all rules of room sharing, right from finding clothes all over the place, to books, papers, and trash too.
  • Your relatives are easily ignored. Now your "family" means your in-laws and other relatives on your husband's side.
  • You gain new immunity to things. You are now supposed to like things that you might have hated before being married, because your in-laws and husband likes them.
  • You suddenly find yourself having no time for yourself. Most of it is gone in office, with your man, or then with the in-laws. Only at 11.30 at night will you then realise that another day is gone again without you even touching your favourite book, forget about reading it.
  • TV, TV remote, and your favourite programmes might become alien things for you. You might even forget how to use the TV and its remote.
  • You might also forget what hobbies are and what you did in your pastime. Because after all, you won't get time to pursue your hobbies.


  1. Mr. S is very soon going to add one more Hazard "He wachun tumchat jhaleli/honari maramari" :)

  2. Already enjoying the perks of marriage in our society, huh? Was looking fwd to your take on it!

  3. This is very realistic! I can add some more things to this list! :)