Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Falling Leaves

Have you seen them? Lazily falling to the ground, swinging gaily in the wind, and falling with a hush.

I love the seasons that have these falling leaves: autumn and just before spring. In autumn, there is a beautiful tinge to the air, anticipating the winter months. It reminds me of cold, foggy mornings, with the feeble winter sun striving to peep through the still-remaining leaves, trying to warm you up. Somehow it also reminds me of me cycling early in the morning, sweating all over, and feeling the wonderful biting wind on my cheeks.

Before spring, the falling leaves bring with them a hope of the upcoming spring and summer. But it also brings the warning that it's going to be hotter by the day. When I see these leaves falling, I always wonder the change in the temperatures that we always experience. It's pretty amazing that one day in an year we have a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius, while another day in an year after a gap of six months, we have a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. What a difference!

These falling leaves really leave me nostalgic. They remind me of होळी, गुळपोळ्या, शेकोटी, mangoes, hot coffee, and carom competitions at home when we were kids during summer holidays. And then they make me remind of the amazing power of nature!

What beauty is to be found even in these dying leaves! Can we ever surpass nature in terms of beauty? I think not!

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