Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who Does?

Who sells saris to the wives of the salesmen who sell saris? Do those salesmen sell saris to their own wives?

Do waiters serve food to their families that may come to the restaurant?

Does a restaurant cook prepare the dishes himself when his wife and kids visit the restaurant?

Do the gajrewallahs sell gajras to their wives?

Do painters ever paint their own homes?

Who arranges the wedding for the mandapwallahs?

Who delivers letters at a postman's home?

Do rickshawwallahs make their wives and kids pay when they give them a ride?

Do theatre doorkeepers ever get to show the seats in the dark to their wives and kids?

Do washing machine engineers repair their own washing machines and charge themselves?

Do the Electricity company folks ever need to call up their call center to ask when the electricity will be restored in their area?

Do doctors ever treat themselves and then ignore to take the medicines?

And finally...

Do writers ever read their own books (as I would read this blog)?

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