Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Committed And In Heaven

So, it's finally happening! I am engaged and soon to be married...sounds so filmy. But true it is.

Preparations have started for the wedding and it is getting crazier by the minute. Right from the date, the time, office leaves, shopping...it's bizarre!

But in all this, I am the luckiest! Sanjeev Pradhan, my fiance is not only handsome and cool, but is also the most understanding, loving, and caring person that I have met. I am indeed lucky. I guess the mutual understanding and respect that I have seen in the two of us is indeed rare. Touch wood!

Life will move on. But I know that I will have the solid support of one person who right now dominates my thought, hopes, and dreams. Unbelievably, life has given me much more than I deserved, much more than I wanted, much more and wonderful than I had hoped. And I thank Him for that!

Here's to our new journey ahead, Sanjeev! Cheers!


  1. I'm so glad for you! Cheers to you and your family. I'm sure they're thrilled too.

  2. Congrats dear.. We're all indeed very very happy... So cheers to u and Sanjeev "for the wonderful journey called life!" :)