Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lights Off

For 10 whole hours! The reason: Unknown! How do you survive in the heat? Just exist!!

This is really ridiculous! Can you even imagine how difficult it is stay without a fan for hours together in this sweltering heat? This has happened twice now.

This is the scene in our city. Imagine the state of rural India where there are no lights for almost 12-14 hours a day every day!

"Sarkar cha doka thikanyavar ahe ka?"


  1. Aplya Sarkar cha doka kharach thikanyawar nahie...Wicharnyat kahich artha nahi...Satya he manya kelach pahije...Pan apanach he Sarkar ubha kela he hi titkaach dukkhadayak satya ahe...

    Kadhihi kashihi light jau shakte aplya punyat. Rather aplya deshat. Lights gelya ne kay kay ghadte he aplya Sarkar ne nakkich anubhawle nahie mhanun tyanna tyacha mahatwa kalat nahi...Na**chi T**ng !

    Nashib samjaiche nidan "Lights janar hyachi aplyala Vruttapatra dware purwa kalpana dili jaate.

    Apla Desh changlya dishene badlu shakel hyachi mi pahilit (mhanjech Nanu yewdha ) astannach asha sodun dili ahe...

    "Kahitarhi chamatkarik adbhut ghatana ghadawi ani apla desh badlawa" ashi ek andha shraddha balgun mi ikdech thambto :) Jai Hind ! :P

  2. I am an optimist in this regard... things will change. More than 90% of electricity generated in our country is by hydroelectric power stations. The dependency of water for electricity is one of the major reason of power shortage in our country. With the Nuclear123 agreement signed between India and US, we will get to start setting up Nuclear power stations, though high risk, this would ensure continuous and sufficient electricity supply to our homes (urban as well as rural). Let me tell you this is not going to happen overnight (not even in 4-5 years) its going to take a decade or two to eliminate power shortage. I think we will talk to our children (grown up) or grand-children about load shedding and difficulties/shortage of electricity we faced during our time and how lucky they are to get uninterrupted power supply all the time :-) .... the wait is going to be long, hard and sweaty...but the end EN-LIGHTENED one :-)