Tuesday, April 13, 2010

310 Tick Tock

That's the new song Nanu has composed.

You are supposed to sing it with the right rhythm and correct hand gestures. Your left hand should be high above your head in the air. The thumb and index fingers should be closed as if you are holding a pinch of salt. You should say aloud the song in the rhythm "310, Tick, Tock." 310 must be said in Marathi. And "Tick" "Tock" are sounds that you must make like that of a clock ticking. The song is incomplete if you do not sing it while you go round and round looking at your left hand in air. You have the freedom to move your right hand as you want.

If you are bored with this song, here's the first song that Nanu composed: "Digbun, digbun, aulay!" You have full freedom to use whatever actions that suit you. But the rhythm should be "Dig-a-bun dig-a-bun, au-lay."

When you sing these songs, don't forget to tell everyone that they have been composed by Nanu.

Three cheers to Nanu!


  1. Nanu Rocks !

    Tinshe daha Tick Tock Tick Tock ! My stress is gone....!

    I guarantee this song will blow off your stress :)

    By the way, is this a flat number he is referring to ?

  2. I think this will top the music charts ... and probably be the only one composed by a tiny tot ... BTW, Teen-shay-daha mhanje teen vajoon daha minita ka?

  3. Is the photo of the green shoots that of a hibiscus plant?

  4. Yes, I think it is the hibiscus plant. It's taken at the Butterfly Garden in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore.