Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Haircut

I had a free haircut today. It was done at home, in a very cosy, friendly environment.

The only difference was that I could not see in the mirror. But I could see the excitement in the eyes of my little hairdresser. He was so excited to have his first customer. And I behaved in a very apt first-customer-like manner. I gave him all freedom to bring out his creativity by turning and twisting my head just as he wanted while he gave me a new style.

He was so happy to see that when he was styling my hair, they fell all over my eyes and he could exclaim that nothing (my eyes) could be seen through the curtain of my hair. And because I was his first customer, he also invented a new vocabulory: when my hair fell all over my eyes, he called them "Kes sandlet!" which means my hair was spilling over.

And the best part of the haircut was that it was done using a playing card by my dear Nanu! All inspired from his own "cutting" that he had on Monday! What luck!

Would you like to have one?


  1. Nanu ki Jay ho ! By reading your post, I could imagine his face...Such a innocent guy he is....:P

  2. Hehehe, for a moment there I was stunned that you actually allowed him to snip your hair!