Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Sirius"ly Yours

This wonderful friend finally succumbed to the inevitable.

He had wandered into Wadia Stud Farm as a small pup where he was adopted unconditionally.

He lived life giving love to everyone. He was especially attached my mother who works there. He waited for her on guard when she worked overtime and accompanied her till the gate. He was truly noble.

All at Wadia Stud Farm will truly miss you, Sirius!


  1. 'Sirius' - what a name ! !
    That reminds me my school days. My teacher always used to ask me to be "Serious" :P

    Btw, ur topic 'Sirius'ly is too good...

    Sorry for the nonsensical comment...

  2. Sigh! What a beautiful creature Sirius was. Hope he comes back to cheer up more lives!