Friday, January 6, 2017

... कभी ना बीते ये चमकीले दिन

I had been on vacation with my parents, Sanjeev, and Mahika. And it was a great time. It was a short vacation but really good.

We drove down to the place and for once, I was in the front seat without Mahika. She was with my parents in the back seat. We were a bit cramped with a lot of luggage. But despite that, we weren't too tired when we reached our destination.

Mahika behaved really well in the trip. No tantrums, no irritating behaviour! Possibly because she had her grandparents with her with whom she doesn't get enough time to spend. She didn't complain about the food and ate whatever we gave her.

She had a gala time in the hotel and enjoyed the lavish breakfasts in the hotel. Although she did insist on certain set of her favourite clothes, she wasn't very unmanageable.

And what she really enjoyed was being at the sea. It was her first trip to the sea and she just loved it. She wasn't afraid of the water at all and was bold enough to venture out on her own in the water. She also had fun on the beach collecting sea shells, playing in the sand, and being overall very dirty. It was great to watch her at sea.

I had a minor stomach upset and had to take rest. This trip will most probably be the only time when I could rest when I was really unwell and not worry about Mahika, because my mother was there to look after her. I dozed off to sleep while Mahika played with my parents and could get the much needed rest.

While returning, although I drove for some time, I also sat with Mahika in the back seat, enjoying the breeze, greenery, nature, and the drive. It really reminded me of the song from Dil Chahta Hain..."Dil chahta hain, Kabhi na beete ye chamkile din..." as I looked outside the window. I could see the sun streaming in from the high trees and felt really good.

As the song aptly says, this trip has given me a lifetime of memories that I'll always cherish. I only wish the vacation wasn't over so soon!

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