Friday, July 1, 2016

Side Effects Of Being A Mother Of A Toddler

As your baby grows into a toddler, the Side Effects of Being a Mother slightly diminish and you develop the following side effects of being the mother of a toddler:

  • You can sing all nursery rhymes, even those that you never knew in your childhood.
  • You keep humming the nursery rhymes throughout the day.
  • You are unaware of any new film songs, or for that matter any new films.
  • Your diet has changed from 'bahar ka khana' to 'ghar ka healthy khana' to benefit your kid.
  • You keep on searching for newer recipes for snacks and breakfast.
  • You use the new vocabulary that your kid has developed. You'll probably use all those words when you are at office and with friends. You'll also use the same phrases and the same intonation.
  • As a mother, you would be the only person who really understands your kid's language.
  • Your friends and colleagues are most probably bored to death by listening to your kid's stories.
  • Your schedule still revolves around the toddler and becomes a little difficult when it is disrupted.
  • You have most probably gone through the kid-starts-school phase and gone through the heart-wrenching 'rona-dhona'. If you haven't yet, you'll soon go through that and you must steel yourself for that.
  • In gardens and public places, especially in society parks, every parent will ask you your kid's age. The immediate question thereafter is which school you've chosen for the kid. The third question is the fee structure, followed by the board of education, and where do you keep the kid when not in school.
  • You'll secretly compare your kid to the other kids of the same age and pride yourself on your kid's progress.
  • You'll hear at least 75% of mothers complain to each other about how the kids eat nothing or are extremely fussy eaters.
  • Ultimately, though you love every phase of your kid's childhood, you'll remember your kid's baby days and wonder how fast time has flown.