Friday, October 12, 2012

Totally Bored

Seriously! Nothing exciting happening at the office, or elsewhere. Need something to do, something to think of. But really can't find anything. Can't even think of a good book that I can start reading, unless someone gives me the The Secret of the Nagas.

Our manager had his last day in office as he moved on for better prospects. We had a big lunch for him, got him gifts, and clicked pictures, and also gave him a nice farewell card. Apart from that small amount of excitement, nothing much happening.

I had also called my colleagues over dinner last Saturday. That was a huge success. Even that is over now.

Sunday, we are watching for English Vinglish. Hopefully, just I have heard and read the reviews, it is enjoyable and fun.

At work, there's not much writing at the moment, more of managing and reviewing. Not a lot exciting.

So, in short, nothing new or happening occurring anywhere. Guess and hopefully a passing phase!


  1. Wellll... U HAVE to come for the naming ceremony on Wednesday :) Hopefully another smthing to look forward to :) :D

    1. Sorry, just couldn't make it for the naming ceremonies. Missed it. But I just could not make it with so much of work to be done at home and then travelling so far. Please don't be angry with me.