Monday, October 17, 2011

Bird In The Car

Today, there were feathers all over in my car. There was fluttering of feathers and frantic attempts to escape. And how it all started, we have absolutely no idea.

It was actually a bird that got into the car as we drove. We were on the highway, going to office. Suddenly, I heard some noise in the rear just like a plastic bag makes when it flutters in the wind. And then, there were feathers all over. My first thought was that some chicken feathers had got in from the tempo that carries chickens and hens.

But then I saw in the rear mirror and and was amazed to see a red-vented bulbul trying to escape through the closed windows. I stopped the car. Sanjeev got down and opened the boot and the left rear door. The poor birdie had panicked and was sitting near the left rear door. Sanjeev shooed it off and it took flight out of the door, glad to be ridden of the closed cage.

We were laughing for so long at the amazing and rare incident. The only way the little bird could have got in was through my open window. It probably wanted to fly across the road before my car passed. But with its mistaken timing and the speed of my car, it zoomed into my car instead of across. Poor soul! What fearful moments it must have had before it could escape! But, it could escape and be free! 

I can only say this: पक्ष्यांचे पण अंदाज चुकू शकतात!


  1. Aww, such a sweet story. Glad the little virdie escaped unhurt. They're more in danger or losing their lives flapping about in panic!

  2. So true, simplypallu. In fact, when Sanjeev opened the door, it was sitting right at the door, but it did not fly out immediately. It had to be shooed out. It had panicked so much that it was afraid to escape even when it had the opening.