Friday, April 1, 2011

Candy Desk In US Senate

This piece of "Did You Know" on Wikipedia set me laughing:

The article says that there's a tradition in the United States Senate to keep a desk full of candies!

Isn't that awesome? I would love to keep such sweets in my office desk and have a go whenever I want.

Imagine having that in our Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. Firstly, free candies would not last more than a minute. If we do assume that they would...there would be a huge hulla-bulla about it from the Opposition Party. They would claim that such candies were kept to defame the MPs, that the government was responsible for answering why such candies were kept there, and why only a particular kind of candies were kept.

For the TV reporters, it would be a field day with "breaking news" about candies in the desk...Who Dunnit? Why? What is the motive? And the news report would be full of pictures of the desk with candies, how those candies are devoured by the MPs, how it's a kind of bribery. There would be late-night or even prime-time shows that discuss the candies in the desk!

I can't stop laughing. Bless the soul who came up with such an idea!

Interestingly, I read this news on the April Fool's Day! More reason to enjoy the candies, I mean the news article.


  1. How could not mention the Bazillion crore candy scam that could occur? If they made a plan to set aside a candy desk, only a handful of candies would actually find their way there. The rest would be found stuffed in the sourcing minister's spawns' mouths!
    (Boy was that a tongue twister)

  2. Yes absolutely true, simplypallu. It would be a wonder if any candies do reach. The "Candy Ghotala" would be the name. :)

  3. Thanks! :) Thought of going for a cooler shade.