Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Will Happen If...

...I absolutely and resolutely refuse to get up in the morning and do the household chores?

...I refuse to grow up and take responsibilities?

...I just deny someone's existence or someone's death and pretend that that person is still there with me, or not there at all?

...the world just stops bothering me with things to do?

...I refuse to behave properly with others and always answer back with whatever answer that comes first to my mind?

...I refuse to come out of one stage of life, such as youth, or childhood and determine to stay put?

...I refuse to be not jealous of some people.

...I decide to be totally selfish and careless about people.

...I stop the cleaning I do at home.

...I decide never to meet some relatives.

...I decide never to do things as other people expect me to.